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jpckuwait.com is an gaming eCommerce platform that provides you with a lot of options related to your gaming and computer products. The platform provides you with different products for purchasing any gaming programme, so you can choose between options.

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The “jpkuwait.com” website is operated by First Global Computer ESt.

The “jpckuwait.com” website manages a commercial activity, such as selling products, and providing support services and delivery. Through it, it can place orders for different products. Therefore, upon submitting the order, the details of this agreement and the details mentioned in the product pricing will be approved by the buyer. Any order submitted is not considered ready for delivery or confirmed until the customer confirms. when the customer decides to buy a product from the site, the resulting legal contract is between the jpckuwait and the customer and this contract must contain the terms and conditions governing this agreement, in the event that the product is delivered after its confirmation from The customer, the customer receives a sales invoice containing the details of the product that has been sold


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